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Akiko Minoyama (箕山 晶子, Minoyama Akiko) is a character from the Emperoider Spin Series. Possessor of the ability Quasarsphere (クエーサースフィア, Kuēsāsufia), she is an MPLS and a student of the NP Cram School.



Akiko is a girl with short, dark purple hair and pink eyes. She is shown wearing a dark purple jacket over a polka-dot patterned T-shirt, a violet skirt and black tigh-high stockings.


Akiko is a student of the NP Cram School, along with the other MPLS.


  • Quasarsphere (クエーサースフィア, Kuēsāsufia): Akiko's MPLS ability, which allows her to alter the refractive index of light by manipulating the air in a limited area. Inside this space, she cannot see, hear or sense anything.


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  • Akiko's last name, Minoyama, means "winnowing mountain".
  • Akiko's first name means "sparkling girl".
  • The name of Akiko's ability, Quasarsphere, is a reference to the song of the same name by Manuel Göttsching, featured in the album "Inventions for the Electric Guitar".


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