I have no right to dislike anything.

–Aya Orihata

Aya Orihata (織機 綺, Orihata Aya), real name Camille (カミール, Kamīru) is a reoccuring character in the Boogiepop Series. She is an agent of the Towa Organization, under the orders of Spooky E, who was sent to investigate the Pillar of Light left by Echoes. She later became the lover of Masaki Taniguchi.


Aya appears to be a very quiet and reserved person, who tends to not speak at all unless asked something. Even so, she doesn't seem to posses the feeling of embarrassment, being able to show her bare body to strangers without any care. This is a result of the control of Spooky E and the Towa Organization, who use her as a test for whether or not synthetic humans can mate with normal humans. As a result, for most of her life, she engaged in sexual intercourse with anyone who asked her to, regardless of whether she cared about them or not.

The first person Aya truly fell in love with was Masaki Taniguchi, who showed her kindness for the first time, and loved her back. Even so, Aya was forced by her orders to use Masaki, and so she developed a feeling of self-hatred, wanting Masaki to abandon her in order to be safe from the Organization's influence. However, Masaki refused to give up on her, even after finding out that he was used. Because of her terrible upbringing, Aya developed a severe lack of care for her own well-being and happiness, which her relationship with Masaki started to heal. This was best shown by how she started buying more stylish clothing, despite her previous lack of care in fashion, just to impress Masaki on their dates.


Aya is a young girl with short, straight, reddish brown hair and brown eyes. She is most often seen wearing a red sweater, blue short shorts, black thigh-high stockings and brown boots.

In the anime, Aya has even shorter, spikey gray hair, and light brown eyes.


Aya was a synthetic human created by the Towa Organization, where she started working directly on the orders of Spooky E. She was used in an experiment to test whether or not synthetic humans like her could mate with regular humans, and so was sent out to start having sexual intercourse with whoever she could. However, after his encounter and fight with Boogiepop, Spooky E ordered Aya to start looking for the shinigami, so that he could get his revenge.


Boogiepop Phantom

Boogiepop Returns VS Imaginator

Boogiepop at Dawn

Boogiepop Countdown

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Boogiepop Antithese


  • Aya's last name, Orihata, means "weaving machine".
  • Aya's first name means "beautiful".
  • Aya's synthetic human name is a reference to the musician Prince, who claimed to posses a "good personality" named Camille.