Bias Li Carz (ビイアス・リ・カーズ, Bīasu Ri Kāzu), real name Krastateen Philfaslato (クラスタティーン・フィルファスラート, Kurasutatīn Firufasurāto), also known as the Witch of Malice (悪意の魔女, Akui no Majo) and the War Curse God (呪闘神, Jutōgami), is a character from Inside the Apocalypse Castle. Possessor of the magic Castle (〈城〉, Shiro), she was an evil Witch from the Interface World, created by the Philfaslato Mage Family centuries ago, and the fierce enemy of the other Witch, Oris Quart.


As the Witch of Malice, Li Carz only wants destruction and slaughter. Being the most powerful and most evil mage, her knowledge surpasses that of humans. Her only hope is to reach the end of her eternal battle with Oris Quart.


Li Carz is a tall woman with bright red skin traversed by curving, black lines, similar in look to the Witch of Fire from the other world, Walpurgis. She has long, black hair that flows down to her waist, and glowing purple eyes. She is shown wearing a black fur dress cut down the middle, showing her legs.


Li Carz, originally named Krastateen, is the 'finished product' that the esteemed Philfaslato Mage Family were seeking. Due to her malicious nature, she tried to fill the world with destruction 300 years ago, and conquered numerous empires, but was stopped by the hero Oris Quart.

After that, she constructed the Apocalypse Castle, where she was said to wait for Oris to come challenge her again, although no witnesses to their fight were left alive, so nobody knows for sure what had occurred.


  • Castle (〈城〉, Shiro): The astounding malice of Li Carz.


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Inside the Apocalypse Castle


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