Boogiepop's Story Synopsis in Boogiepop and Others

Chapter One: Romantic Warrior

As Keiji Takeda waits in at the train station for his girlfriend, Touka Miyashita, to arrive, he witnesses Boogiepop for the first time. Echoes, injured and in tears, was walking around, looking for the Manticore, with every person avoiding him, thinking he was just a strange homeless man. Boogiepop, however, helped the man stand when he was about to fall, and encouraged him to keep going, not before admonishing the confused crowd for ignoring an injured man. Then, some onlooker called the police on the two, and Boogiepop had to run away, also helping Echoes escape. As Keiji watched the scene, he recognized the mysterious Boogiepop as Touka, his girlfriend.

The next day, while wondering about the incident, he saw Boogiepop and his distinctive clothing on the rooftop of his high-school, Shinyo Academy, and rushed over there, to find Boogiepop standing there, watching the students below. Keiji confronted him, thinking that he was Touka. Boogiepop, however, divulged his identity and explained to the boy that he was, in fact, the alter ego of Touka Miyashita, and that he surfaced from inside the girl's subconcious to fight an enemy of the world. Keiji initially was doubtful of Boogiepop's clam, but after talking to Touka and realizing that she had no memory of the previous day, he started to believe the abnormal story. Interested in how to help Touka, Keiji also bought a book by Seiichi Kirima about the subject. Discussing the matter with Boogiepop though, he admitted that even he doesn't know the true nature of his existance.

The two then spent the next few days talking on the rooftop about many random things. Keiji began to bond with Boogiepop, and Boogiepop himself enjoyed their many conversations. One day, however, Boogiepop showed up without wearing his usual eccentric outfit, instead wearing Touka Miyashita's usual uniform. Boogiepop declared that the danger the world was facing had been dealt with, and so his job was done, not before telling Keiji that he had fun talking to him, and that he considered the boy his first friend. Keiji, however, not wanting to part ways with Boogiepop, insisted that the world hasn't been saved at all. Boogiepop, then, declared to the high-schooler that the injustice of the world is something humans have to deal with by themselves. Keiji uttered another quiet plead for his friend not to leave, but it was too late, as Boogiepop simply disappeared as if he was never there in the first place.

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