Boogiepop Overdrive: The King of Distortion (ブギーポップ・オーバードライブ歪曲王, Bugīpoppu Ōbādoraibu Waikyokuō), alternatively titled Boogiepop Overdrive: The Piper, is the fifth novel in the Boogiepop Series. It was released in Japan on February 10, 1999[1], and in the United States on August 9, 2018.[2] It was later included in the second Boogiepop Omnibus, collecting volumes 4-6.[3]

Publisher's Summary

An accident at the Moon Temple traps visitors inside the strange building, where a mysterious creature called the King of Distortion begins to whisper to them. Boogiepop comes to the rescue, but this might be a fight even he can’t win. What happens when two entities that only exist in the minds of men square off against each other?[2]

Plot Summary


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