Boogiepop Returns: VS Imaginator Part 2 (ブギーポップ・リターンズVSイマジネーターPart.2, Bugīpoppu Ritānzu VS Imajinētā Part 2) is the third novel in the Boogiepop Series. It is the second and final part of the "VS Imaginator" Arc, and was released in Japan on August 10, 1998[1], and in the United States on June 21, 2006[2]. It was later included in the first Boogiepop Omnibus, collecting volumes 1-3.[3]

Publisher's Summary

“It is my function to remake the world.”

This is it…the climactic final showdown between Boogiepop and the deadly “Imaginator!” With the lives of millions in Tokyo hanging in the balance, only Boogiepop and a group of ragtag young teens stand a chance of combating the forces of evil and preventing a deadly virus from being unleashed.

BOOGIEPOP RETURNS: VS IMAGINATOR PART 2— the mind bending third novel in the award winning Boogiepop series![2]

Plot Summary


Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III

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