Boogiepop at Dawn (夜明けのブギーポップ, Yoake no Bugīpoppu) is the sixth novel in the Boogiepop Series. It was released in Japan on May 10, 1999[1], and in the United States on August 5, 2008[2]. It was later included in the second Boogiepop Omnibus, collecting volumes 4-6.[4]

On February 9, 2019, a reprint edition was released, with a new cover and new internal illustrations.[3]


  • The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
    (夜明けの口笛吹き, Yoake no Kuchi Fuefuki)
  • The End is the Beginning is the End
    (ブギーポップの誕生, Bugīpoppu no Tanjō, lit. "Boogiepop's Birth")
  • Style
    (霧間凪のスタイル, Kirima Nagi no Sutairu, lit. "Nagi Kirima's Style")
  • God Only Knows
    (天より地に知る者もなく, Ten yori Chi ni Shirumono mo Naku, lit. "No Man Knows Earth Better than the Heavens")
  • Public Enemy Nr. 1
    (パブリック・エネミー・ナンバーワン, Paburikku Enemī Nanbā Wan)
  • The Bug
    (虫, Mushi)
  • The Piper at the Gates of Dawn "Reprize"
    (夜明けの口笛吹きREPRIZE, Yoake no Kuchi Fuefuki REPRIZE)

Publisher's Summary

Original Summary

Do you think that world can't be saved? Don't you think there's some way to steer those harsh, bygone days back on track? Or is there nothing we can do, when those days have a dark side to them that we can't see? Isn't it unbearable that the changes in you life are decided by everything that happened before hand? ……This is a story that relates to how I, Boogiepop, was born, but 4 other strange characters make their entrance here as well. They are a detective, a creature that eats people's fear, an author, and an assassin. In a time where they all come into contact with The Fire Witch, the road these 4 follow, was it a mistake you thought couldn't be undone? or just a mere mystery?

Told from 6 grotesque points of view, this is the event that marked the beginning of Boogiepop.[1]

Seven Seas Summary

The origin of Boogiepop revealed at last!

In this long-awaited prequel to the famed Boogiepop Phantom anime series, uncover the secrets of Boogiepop’s past and see how it all started. Follow this dark tale of our very strange individuals who cross paths with the phantasmal crime fighter known as Boogiepop–a detective, an eater of fear, a pulp phantom and a skilled assassin. It all begins here![2]

Plot Summary

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Chapter 1: The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

Chapter 2: The End is the Beginning is the End

Chapter 3: Style

Chapter 4: God Only Knows

Chapter 5: Public Enemy No. 1

Chapter 6: The Bug

Chapter 7: The Piper at the Gates of Dawn "Reprise"


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Musical References

  1. The BGM for this book, as revealed in the afterword, is The Beginning is the End is the Beginning by The Smashing Pumpkins.


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