Bracke (ブラック, Burakku) is a minor character from Jagdtiger (Porsche Laufwerk). Possessor of the ability Ratsch-Bumm (ラッチェ・バム, Racche Bamu), he was a Synthetic Human of the Towa Organization and Katyusha's subordinate.


Not much is known about Bracke's personality.


Bracke is described as a stout, tall man wearing a grey cloak. In the illustration, he appears to be wearing a coat over a suit with a necktie and has a long, bald head and a large, claw like arm (as the illustration is very exaggerated, it is unknown how that reflects upon his actual appearance).


Not much is known about Bracke's background, but he is one of the synthetic humans created by the Towa Organization, specialized in scouting and combat. He also became Katyusha's subordinate.


  • Ratsch-Bumm (ラッチェ・バム, Racche Bamu): Bracke's synthetic human ability, which allows him to sense and control vibrations. Using this power, he can attack others with concentrated shock-wave bullets. This is a common ability among synthetic humans, also possessed by Bargain Wagen. Aside from this ability, Bracke also has a very powerful sense of smell, being capable of tracking others' scents for long distances, similarly to the dog breed he is named after.


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Like Toy Soldiers

Jagdtiger (Porsche Laufwerk)


  • Bracke is named after a breed of hunting dog, something reflected in his abilities. The word also means "blood oozing from a wound".



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