Chikao Shinokita (篠北 周夫, Shinokita Chikao) is a minor character from Boogiepop at Dawn. He was a mistreated diabetes patient that became Makiko Kisugi's victim, whose body she modified.


Not much is known of Shinokita's personality.


Shinokita was a regular businessman who became very unhealthy after years of drinking, and his family eventually left him. He was sent to the hospital for diabetes, where Makiko Kisugi began experimenting on him because of his inability to fight back. He was revealed to be the father of Asako Asakura's friend, Chie Miyahara.


Boogiepop at Dawn

While on a train, Shinpei Kuroda demonstrated his ability by judging the unhealthiness of Shinokita's body before even he realized it. Later, he was shown abandoned in the hospital, where Makiko used him to satisfy her hunger for fear.

Beat's Discipline

After having his body modified by Makiko, Chikao was later killed by the Towa Organization agent Pete Beat. Asako Asakura was invited to Chikao's funeral, since she was a friend of his daughter. During this funeral, she met Pete.


  • Chikao's last name, Shinokita, is written with the characters for "bamboo grass" and "north".
  • Chikao's first name is written with the characters for "circumference" and "man".


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