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ED, full name Edworth Theseworks Markwhistle (エドワース・シーズワークス・マークウィッスル, Edowōsu Shīzuwōkusu Mākuwissuru), is the protagonist of the Jiken Series. He is a Battlefield Mediator working for the Seven Seas Alliance, a childhood friend of Heathrow Kristoph and a former member of the Ophion Children.


ED is a very intellgent man, earning him his position. He appears aloof to the world and easygoing, and it is usually hard for other people to understand him. He always speaks politely, but is also sly, never failing to achieve his interests. He has a cruel side, but ultimately respects justice. He considers Heathrow to have the qualities of a king, and thinks he should be in power.


ED is a young man with short white hair and blue eyes. He is always seen wearing his iconic masquerade mask, under which he hides a tattoo of the Ophion snake, symbolizing his origin as a Child of Ophion.


ED was originally one of the refugees making up the Ophion Children. When he was young, he became friends with Heathrow Kristoph. He later joined the Seven Seas Alliance, becoming a Battlefield Mediator and an Interface Interferometry researcher.


  • Pistol Arm (ピストルアーム, Pisutoru Āmu): A pistol found in the Interface World, which arrived from the Other Side. ED carries it with him at all times.


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