1. Check Category:To Do for current pages that need work done on them
    • Subcategories will have more detailed instructions and documentation
  2. If adding new page: check if page already exists on Special:AllPages
  3. Be sure to assign appropriate categories to pages when you are done editing them.
    • See Categories for detailed breakdown
    • If the page is incomplete when you are done, please add the To Do and the required subcategory task.
  4. Sources and Referencing:
    • Main Source: Light Novel
      • Referencing: Vol[#]-[Chapter#]: [Chapter Title]
    • Secondary Source: Web Novel (if available)
      • Referencing WN: [Chapter#]: [Chapter Title] (if available)
    • Backup Source:Manga
    • References on pages are made using the <ref>Text Here</ref> Tag in the Source Editor
    • Code for "Citation Needed": {{Citation Needed}}
  5. When creating templates, tables, or anything that allows you to use the [style=""] tag, please use these color palettes when editing.
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