Enemy of the World (世界の敵, Sekai no Teki) is a term used mainly by Boogiepop to signify threats to the current world. In most cases, they are MPLS, though that is not necessarily the case. The main criteria by which enemies of the world are classified is the ability and the intention of the enemy. There are cases where the enemy is not sentient and has no intention, such as the Hivemind from Boogiepop in the Mirror: Pandora. However, most of the time, the enemy of the world is sentient, in which case what matters more is the intention. Most enemies of the world are inflexible in their thinking, symbolizing a single concept such as "death" or "resignation", and therefore become dangers to the current world. Boogiepop will always kill those he deems enemies. There are, however, cases where the ability of the enemy is controlling its user. In such cases, Boogiepop will 'kill' only the ability, sparing the user.

It is important to note that not all characters in antagonistic positions are classified as enemies of the world. For example, Jin Asukai or the King of Distortion who, while spending most of their respective stories in the role of the antagonist, do not actually belong to the classification of enemy of the world, the former because of a harmless ability, and the latter because of a lack of destructive intentions.

List of Enemies of the World


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