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Fay Risky (フェイ・リスキィ, Fei Risukī) is a character from the Repent Walpurgis Series and the Emperoider Spin Series. Possessor of the ability Meddle (おせっかい, Ossekai), she is a Wonder Bearer and a researcher working in the Towa Organization.


Fay is a genius, so much so that it is said her brain absorbed all the nutrients in her food, resulting in her youthful appearance. Likes drinking alcohol.


Although she is, at least, at the age where she can legally drink, she still possesses the appearance of a young girl. She has long messy brown hair, tied in many braids with pink ribbons, and large brown eyes. She is shown wearing a large labcoat over a pink blouse, and a short black skirt. In The Emperoider Spin, she is also depicted wearing thigh-high black stockings.


Fay works as a scientist for the Towa Organization, researching Interface Interferometry. She is classified as a Wonder Bearer by Alcestis, although the first Wonder Bearer is supposed to be Mylow Starscraper, a man born thousands of years later. This is due to the influence of Walpurgis, who used her time manipulation abilities to bring a Wonder Bearer ability back in time, and then gave it to Fay. Her surname is also significant, as it is the surname of Wonder Bearers from the Fifth Civilization. However, it is very unlikely that there is any blood relation between them.


  • Meddle (おせっかい, Ossekai): Fay Risky's Wonder Bearer ability, which allows her to freely transfer any impact off of herself. Powerful enough to even stave off the impact of a meteorite.


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Repent Walpurgis FIRE3

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  • Fay's ability is named after the Japanese name of the album Meddle, the sixth studio album of the progressive rock band Pink Floyd.



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