Gen Sakakibara (榊原 弦, Sakakibara Gen) is a reoccuring character in the Boogiepop Series. He is a master of martial arts, who was the best friend of Seiichi Kirima, as well as the one who taught both Nagi Kirima and Masaki Taniguchi martial arts. After Seiichi's death, Gen started wandering around the world.


Gen was Seiichi's best friend, and he often helped him with writing his novels by researching any subject Seiichi requested him to, taking the role of co-author. Seiichi described Gen as the kind of man who would recklessly throw himself in danger to help someone, and so, when Seiichi discovered the existence of the Towa Organization, he tried to distance Gen from it, to protect him. Gen was the one who taught both Masaki and Nagi martial arts, and he was a very unusual teacher, having very strange methods. Even so, he was a brilliant martial artist, and so, due to his help, both of the siblings became very good fighters. Gen is a very reliable man, able to take care of Kit as he travels the world, and Nagi appears to trust him very much.


In the novels, Gen's appearance is never shown.

In the anime, Gen is a middle aged man with short brown hair and brown eyes, a well defined nose and a bit of a stubble. He is shown wearing a dark green hanten over a red shirt, baggy gray pants and brown sandals, as well as a brown bracelet around his wrist.


Gen was Seiichi Kirima's best friend, and often helped him with writing. After the man's death, Gen left Japan, and started traveling around the world. He also taught Masaki Taniguchi and Nagi Kirima how to fight.


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Boogiepop Returns: Vs Imaginator

Gen was first mentioned by Masaki Taniguchi, as he recalled various facts about his training.

Boogiepop in the Mirror

After Kit is rescued by Nagi Kirima, the girl is entrusted to Gen, who was asked to take care of her until she hits puberty, and the virus inside of her is neutralized, eliminating the threat to humanity.

Boogiepop at Dawn

Seiichi requests Gen's help in researching the death of Big Brother Kyou, after reading the boy's letter.

Boogiepop Countdown

Boogiepop Paradox

Spectral Speculation of Soul-Drop

Repent Walpurgis


  • Gen's last name, Sakakibara, means "field of evergreen trees".
  • Gen's first name means "bowstring".


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