Haruto Nonomura (野々村 春人, Nonomura Haruto), nicknamed The Seeker (ザ・シーカー, Za Shīkā) by Boogiepop, is a character from Boogiepop Missing: The Peppermint Wizard. He is a journalist who became one of Spooky E's terminals, and later investigated Tosuke Kigawa's case with Touka Miyashita.[1]


Haruto has a down to earth, realistic personality that clashes with Touka's more emotional outview. He shows professionalism when conducting his interviews, and is generally a polite man. However, due to Spooky E's interference, several unwanted thoughts started coursing through his head, such as the time he momentarily considered letting Sonoko Furukita jump off the building so that he could get a good story.[1]

He has always been interested in ghosts and urban legends, but when he became a professional, he gave up investigating them, so Kazuo Mamiya was glad to see Haruto attempting it again. According to Boogiepop, just like Tosuke Kigawa's obsession with making ice cream, Haruto's researching of the paranormal might just be a way to search for something that's missing in his life.[1]


Haruto is a tall, slightly stout man with short, slicked back brown hair, brown eyes and a stubble. He is shown wearing an orange T shirt and blue jeans.


During college, he was classmates with Kazuo Mamiya. One time, he got to interview Tosuke Kigawa himself after managing to somehow get permission.[2] Afterwards, at an unknown time, he was attacked by Spooky E and turned into one of his terminals, tasked with researching the missing president of the ice cream company. However, after being attacked by Boogiepop and having his ear cut, Spooky E lost interest in Tosuke's case, and soon after, committed suicide due to Jin Asukai, leaving Haruto as a forgotten pawn, a "seeker" searching pointlessly.[1]


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  • Haruto's last name, Nonomura, is made up of the character for "plains" repeated twice, and the character for "village".
  • Haruto's first name means "man of spring".


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