Hiiragi (柊, Hīragi), codename Oxygen (オキシジェン, Okishijen), also known as Hollywood (ホリウッド, Horiuddo), is a reoccuring character in the Boogiepop Series. He is an MPLS and the center of the Towa Organization, known by the agents as Axis (中枢(アクシズ) , Akushizu, lit. "Center").


Despite being the center of such a massive, all-powerful system, Hiiragi is a quiet man, who rarely speaks and doesn't stand out, often being likened to air, diluted and invisible. When he does speak, his tone is always flat and mechanical, never having any emotion, and he almost always communicates in a cryptic manner, hard for most to understand. He has been looking for a successor to lead the Organization, and decided to pick Kazuko Suema after meeting her.


Hiiragi has the appearance of a young man of about 20, with short brown hair covering his right eye and red eyes. He is almost always shown wearing his signature green sweater (beige in Beat's Discipline and red in Repent Walpurgis).


Similarly to Kyousuke Hasebe, Hiiragi's original body is long dead, and he survives on using his ability. Thusly, his actual age is much higher than his appearance might suggest, and he has been ruling over the Organization for many decades. In the past, he competed for the position of Axis with Kyousuke, and won, Kyousuke continuing to hold a 'special' position in the Towa Organization. Hiiragi is always accompanied outside by Kaleidoscope, the synthetic human known as Viceroy, who was given the role of protecting the Axis of the Organization. Hiiragi has met Lee Maisaka at some point, though the agent never realized that he was Axis.


  • Seeing Fate: Hiiragi's MPLS ability, which allows him to see the fate of other people in the form of floating red strings in the air. It is described as the most meaningless ability, as it cannot truly change anything.


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Boogiepop Staccato

Beat's Discipline

Repent Walpurgis

No Oxygen, Not to be Mirrored


  • Hiiragi's last name means "holly olive".
  • Hiiragi's alias, Oxygen, might be a reference to the song of the same name by Feeder, featured in their 2001 album "Echo Park".



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