Kageyama (景山, Kageyama), real name Captain Walker (キャプテン・ウォーカー, Kyaputen Wōkā), nicknamed The Tender (ザ・テンダー, Za Tendā), is the narrator and main antagonist of the first act of Boogiepop Missing: The Peppermint Wizard. He is a part time worker at MCE's Ice Cream Division, and an Eradication Type Synthetic Human of the Towa Organization.[1]


While undercover as a part timer worker of MCE, he appeared to be a quiet, awkward man, always having trouble putting up with Tosuke Kigawa's eccentricity.[1]

In reality, however, Kageyama is an arrogant, twisted man, monitoring Tosuke's rise from the beginning, taking pleasure in anticipating the inevitable fall that was to come, sneering at his every move. Kageyama does not care about human life, giving it barely any thought. Unlike other synthetic humans who kill out of pure necessity, and feel remorse for their actions, Kageyama actually feels excitement at the idea of eradicating everyone other than himself, simply wanting to try out his ability, as he does not get many occasions to use it.[1]

During his monologues, Kageyama speaks in a slovenly, vulgar manner, and has a tendency to go off on tangets that make no sense to anyone but himself.[1]


Kageyama's appearance is never shown.


Kageyama was crated by the Towa Organization, like the other synthetic humans. He was hired by Kyouichirou Teratsuki as a part timer in his company's Ice Cream Division. In reality, however, he was ordered by the Organization to keep an eye on Tosuke's activities. In the end, he was killed by Boogiepop before ever actually killing anyone.[1]


  • Eradication (殲滅, Senmetsu): Kageyama's synthetic human ability, which, by secreting a certain gas (likened to sweat by him) all around him, allows him to instantly eradicate any life forms in a certain area of effect, by triggering a certain chemical reaction. He is capable of controlling both the spread of the gas and the moment that the reaction is triggered at his own leisure, and only his own body is left untouched. Despite the terrifying scope of this power, Kageyama is killed before ever getting the chance to use it.[1]


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  • Kageyama's last name means "shadow mountain". His first name is never given.
  • Kageyama's real name, Captain Walker, is a reference to the character appearing in rock band The Who's 1969 album "Tommy".


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