Kaleidoscope (カレイドスコープ, Kareidosukōpu), also known as Viceroy (副王, Fukuō), is a reoccuring character in the Boogiepop Series. Possessor of the ability of the same name, he is the personal bodyguard of the Axis of the Towa Organization, Oxygen, as well as one of the most powerful synthetic humans ever created.


Kaleidoscope is a quiet, stoic man who is completely devoted to his job of protecting Oxygen. The two are almost always seen together.


Kaleidoscope is a large man with long, wavy black hair and heterochromatic eyes, the left one red and the right one blue. He is almost always depicted wearing a black suit with a red tie, and black sunglasses which usually hide his unusual eyes.

In Boogiepop Beautiful, Kaleidoscope is shown wearing casual clothing, consisting of a brown coat over a beige shirt.


Kaleidoscope was created for the sole purpose of protecting the Axis of the Towa Organization, and thus was made to be one of the strongest synthetic humans ever. After Kazuko Suema succeeded Hiiragi as the Axis, Kaleidoscope became her bodyguard.


  • Kaleidoscope (カレイドスコープ, Kareidosukōpu): Kaleidoscope's ability, which allows him to change his 'resolution'. Using it, he can manipulate refraction through vibrations from his skin cells, capable of not only making himself invisible, but also disguising things such as footprints or fingerprints. Using the vibrations, he can also control the air, making it possible for him to mask body odors or sounds. It is not a combat based ability, but it can help support Kaleidoscope during combat.


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Boogiepop Staccato

Boogiepop Beautiful

Beat's Discipline

Repent Walpurgis

No Oxygen, Not To Be Mirrored


  • Kaleidoscope's name is a reference to the song of the same name by Procol Harum.



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