Katyusha (カチューシャ, Kachūsha) is a character from Like Toy Soldiers and the Emperoider Spin Series. Possessor of the ability Organ (オルガン, Orugan), she is a Synthetic Human of the Towa Organization and Mai Kuran's former teammate.


Katyusha is a heartless individual who doesn't care about anyone else but herself. While speaking in an elegant manner, befitting her appearance, her words are filled with arrogance and vitriol. Particularly in her interactions with Mai, in which she goes out of her way to mock and poke at her wounds with every word. She can let her teammates die without a second thought, such as when she sent Bracke to fight Koi Koryou, knowing full well that he would be killed.


Katyusha looks even younger than Mai, having the appearance of a middle school girl. She has curly blonde hair styled in drills, as well as pink eyes. She dresses in a gothic lolita fashion, wearing a black doll-like dress.


She used to be in a team with Mai Kuran, until all of the other members died.


  • Organ (オルガン, Orugan): Katyusha's synthetic human ability, which allows her to instantly fire powerful exploding ranged projectiles from the palm of her hand.


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Like Toy Soldiers

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The Emperoider Spin SPIN2

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  • Katyusha's name is based on the rocket launcher of the same name, which is, itself, based on a song of the same name about a girl longing for her beloved send on military service.
  • The name of Katyusha's ability, Organ, comes from a musical instrument. It might also possibly be a reference to the Canadian band The Organ.



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