Kazuo Mamiya (間宮 和夫, Mamiya Kazuo) is a minor character from Boogiepop Missing: The Peppermint Wizard. He is a freelance photographer, Sonoko Furukita's boyfriend and a former college classmate of Haruto Nonomura.[1]


Kazuo appears to be a cheerful and friendly man. He enjoys taking pictures from tall heights, featuring the city scape. He also seems to enjoy teasing Sonoko.[1]


Kazuo's appearance is never shown.


He used to be Haruto's classmate in college. Later, he became a freelance photographer. He and Sonoko started a relationship at an unknown point in time, and he later got her pregnant.[1]


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Boogiepop Missing


  • Kazuo's last name, Mamiya, means "space shrine".
  • Kazuo's first name means "peaceful man".


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