The story of Boogiepop is one that weighs heavily upon me. It's a subject I still haven't finished storting out my feelings about.

–Keiji Takeda

Keiji Takeda (竹田 啓司, Takeda Keiji) is a reoccuring character in the Boogiepop Series. He is a student at Shinyo Academy and part-time designer, and well as Touka Miyashita's boyfriend and, later, Boogiepop's first true friend.


Keiji is a fairly normal young man. Because of the school rules that prohibit relationships between members of the opposite sex, he and Touka have promised to never talk at school, instead creating a sign language that only they know. Despite the difficult circumstances around their relationship, the two are in love, although they rarely can see each other because of Touka's family circumstances and Keiji's designer job.

During his third year of high-school, a clear divide between him and the rest of the student body could clearly be seen. Because of Keiji's assured position at his father's designer company, the boy doesn't suffer through the same amount of stress as the rest of his peers, who have to study for college exams. As such, a sort of contempt for him was born in his schoolmates. Keiji himself doesn't appear to be too bothered by this, though.

Keiji became Boogiepop's first friend, when he started meeting up with him during the Manticore incident. Although, at first, he was worried about his girlfriend's health, as, in his eyes, Boogiepop was simply an alternate personality, during the time they spent together, Keiji grew close to the shinigami, and when he heard that Boogiepop's work was done, and that he was going to, once again, disappear deep within Touka's mind, Keiji tried to ask him to stay around a little longer, but in the end couldn't keep him from going away. Although Keiji knew nothing of the supernatural incident, or about Boogiepop's involvement, he was very impressed by the time when the shinigami admonished the people who ignored the wounded Echoes, and grew to admire his willingness to say the things Keiji himself couldn't, and for having the courage to stand out.

During the time when she was still alive, Keiji was good friends with Naoko Kamikishiro, since both of them had romantic relationships, even though it was against school rules. Keiji himself said that there was some sort of peace of mind he felt from talking to her that he couldn't get from any other male friends. Keiji was also the object of Kei Niitoki's affection, but the boy rejected her for Touka. In spite of this, Kei got over her heartbreak quickly, and the two remained on friendly terms, although Keiji started to avoid the girl in order to not deal with the awkwardness.

Keiji was a friend of Kasumi Mikage, who he met in junior high. Keiji was the more serious person, while Kasumi was more casual, making them have contrasting personalities.


Keiji is a normal-looking young man with short brown hair and brown eyes. He is seen wearing the Shinyo Academy male school uniform, consisting of a gakuran worn over a white shirt, and plain black pants.

In the anime, Keiji wears the Shinyo Academy male school uniform, consisting of a blue blazer worn over a white shirt with a red tie around the collar, and pale blue pants.


Unlike most of his peers, Keiji was relatively lucky, as his father owned a design company where the boy would be working after graduating from high-school, not needing to go to college at all. He was approached by Kei Niitoki with a confession, but rejected her, instead becoming Touka Miyashita's boyfriend. At one point, he encountered Boogiepop, and later befriended the shinigami.


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  • Keiji's first name is written with the characters for "say" and "director". The first kanji of his name might be in reference to how he is unable to say the things he believes out of the fear of being ostracized.
  • Keiji's last name, Takeda, means "bamboo field".