Kit (キト, Kito) is a character from Boogiepop in the Mirror: Pandora. She is a little girl who was captured by a foreign organization, and turned into a human weapon capable of ending the world.


Kit is a quiet and reserved girl, who doesn't talk very much. She is very calm, and is able to keep her cool even when she was treated as an object by the organization that created her. Because of the many hardships she went through after being experimented on, Kit became very mature for her age, no longer fearing death at all. Even so, Kit has shown great compassion, suggesting that the Gang of Six abandon her, as she knew being with them would only endanger them. Kit really treasures her hairband, as it was given to her by another child who was experimented on in the same institution as Kit.


Kit is a young, foreign, Asian girl with long, straight black hair and black eyes. She wears a red blouse over a white shirt with a black ribbon tied around the collar, a dark purple skirt and red patterned socks.


Kit was born in a very poor family, and her parents had to sell her off to a strange organization to keep the family alive. After being sold, the organization began experimenting on her, along with many other children, although she was the only one left alive, having been the sole succesful result. After having been turned into the Ultimate Weapon, the organization that created her attempted wished to sell her off to some other organization in Japan. However, thanks to Nagi Kirima and Kentarou Habara, Kit was saved from her capturers, and eventually ran into the Gang of Six.


  • Ultimate Weapon: Kit's body was modified, and she was turned into an "ultimate weapon" by the organization that bought her. Kit was infected with a very deadly airborne virus that instantly kills any life-form it comes into contact with. The virus is held in check by a bacteria specific to Kit's body. When given medicine that supresses this bacteria, the virus in Kit's body is released, and slaughters every living being in sight. If Kit is ever killed, the bacteria would die along with her, and the virus would soon wipe all of humanity. After Yuu Tenjiki's check, it was revealed that the virus would be eradicated with Kit's first period, once she reaches puberty.


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