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Kousuke Saiga (才牙 虚宇介, Saiga Kōsuke) is the protagonist of the Emperoider Spin Series. Possessor of the ability Violenza Domestica (ヴィオランツァ・ドメスティカ, Biorantsa Domesutika), he is a half-Empty Fang MPLS, a student of the NP Cram School, and the twin brother of Sora Saiga.


Kousuke is a calm and collected young man, and nobody can really tell what he is thinking. In spite of her animosity for him, Kousuke treats sora kindly, in a brotherly way.


Kousuke is a young man with spikey white hair and yellow eyes. He is shown wearing his school's uniform. Despite being the same age as Sora, his body grew faster, and as such looks older than her.


Kousuke is a student of the NP Cram School, along with the other MPLS. He, along with Sora, were given birth by Mahoro Saiga, who entered the Trail of Fangs, and subsequently became pregnant with the children of one of the four Empty Fangs sent to Earth. Afterwards, he and his sister were taken in by Kyouichirou Teratsuki, who became their father through recognition.


  • Violenza Domestica (ヴィオランツァ・ドメスティカ, Biorantsa Domesutika): Kousuke's ability, which allows him to control the movement of the spiral contained in all things. Using this, he can do things like control the movement of a car or the trajectory of a bullet. It can also speed up or slow down the movement of time. It is implied that his ability, as well as Sora's, might not actually be MPLS abilities. However, this fact remains unconfirmed.


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  • Kousuke's last name, Saiga, is written with the characters for "talent" and "fang".
  • Kousuke's first name is written with the characters for "empty", "universe" and "jammed in". The first character of his name can also be read as "sora", which is his sister's name, although this might not be intentional.
  • Kousuke and Sora's names together can make up the Japanese word for Empty Fang: 虚 (Ko) from Kousuke's first name, 空 (Sora/Kuu) from Sora's first name and 牙 (Ga) from the two's last name.
  • His ability' name, Violenza Domestica, is a reference to a song of the same name by Mr. Bungle, featured in the album "Disco Volante".


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