Koyomi Myouga (冥加 暦, Myōga Koyomi), also known as the Witch of Ice (氷の魔女, Kōri no Majo), is a character from the Beat's Discipline Series and the Repent Walpurgis Series. She is a young girl whose most distinctive trait is being the host of the Witch Alcestis (アルケスティス, Arukesutisu).


Alcestis shows a calm and collected demeanor, and appears cold. Although her appearance is that of a young girl, she calls Hiiragi "boy", and also calls Lee Maisaka "ff-kun". As her intention is opposite to that of Walpurgis', to maintain the diversity of human beings, she is considered to be the "good witch" of the two.


Koyomi Myouga is a young girl with straight, long black hair and blue eyes. She wears a frilly black gothic lolita dress. Like Walpurgis, she has an "awakened" state, in which her skin turns a light bluish gray, with darker swirls covering her skin.


Alcestis is the Witch of Ice who arrived on Earth with Walpurgis and has been in a constant state of war with her. Hundreds of years ago, she froze time for Kyouko Hasebe in order to seal Walpurgis, who was inhabiting her body, away. However, the moment Kyouko had a child named Nagi Kirima, the Witch of Fire sealed inside her entered Nagi's body, and later awakened once more, restarting the Witch War, at a time in which Alcestis inhabited the body of a young girl known as Koyomi Myouga.

She was also the founder of the Towa Organization.


  • Attraction (引力, Inryoku): The main ability of the Witch of Ice, Alcestis. It is the ultimate attractive force that can suck anything in. It has the capability of creating the largest, most powerful energy "black hole" in the universe. Aside from Attraction, Alcestis possesses the same mind-boggling abilities as the other Witch, including time manipulation, interference with parallel worlds, traveling between universes, reading the minds of every living being on Earth, tearing apart the fabric of the universe, interference with the soul and manipulation of fate.


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Beat's Discipline

Repent Walpurgis


  • Koyomi's last name, Myouga, means "divine protection".
  • Koyomi's first name means "calendar".
  • Alcestis' name is derived from the name of the Greek princess Alcestis, whose story was popularized by Euripides' play of the same name.


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