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Kozue Muroi (室井 梢, Muroi Kozue) is a character from the Emperoider Spin Series. Possessor of the ability Arrogance Arrow (アロガンス・アロー, Arogansu Arō), she is an MPLS, a student of the NP Cram School and an undercover agent of the Towa Organization.


Kozue has the personality of a cheeky and impertinent brat, often wearing a mocking smirk.


Kozue is a petite girl with orange hair styled in two ponytails, tied up with a black ribbon, and orange eyes. She is shown wearing a black cardigan over a white shirt with a red necktie, and a red short skirt.


Kozue is a student of the NP Cram School, along with the other MPLS. When she was young, she met Echoes.


  • Arrogance Arrow (アロガンス・アロー, Arogansu Arō): Kozue's MPLS ability, which allows her to control static electricity. Using her full power, she can even paralyze the heart of weaker people.


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  • Kozue's last name, Muroi, is written with the characters for "chamber" and "well".
  • Kozue's first name means "treetop".
  • The name of Kozue's ability might come from the two English rock bands Arrogance and The Arrows.



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