Kyou (キョウ, Kyō), real name unknown, most often referred to as Big Brother Kyou (キョウ兄ちゃん, Kyō Nī-chan), is a minor character from Boogiepop at Dawn. He is a student with MPLS abilities, inspired by Seiichi Kirima's books to start using his power. He is eventually assassinated by Mo Murder.


Not much is known of Kyou's personality, but his ability might be a reflection of his own kindness and empathy towards others.


Kyou's appearance is never shown.

In the anime, he is portrayed as a young man with black hair, wearing his school's uniform.


For the longest time, Kyou hid his ability from others and never used it out of fear that an outsider like himself would never be accepted. However, Seiichi Kirima's books inspired the young boy to stand out and help others with his power, even though he knew the danger involved. After sending a letter to Seiichi, telling him about his story and that he believes he will die soon, he is targeted by the Towa Organization assassin Mo Murder and killed.

Later, his brainwaves are recorded and turned into The Embryo.


  • Skill Enhancement: Kyou's unnamed MPLS ability, which allows him to boost others' talents and help them improve whatever skill they wish to pursue. It is revealed this ability had a much higher potential and, if left to develop, could eventually have been capable of awakening MPLS abilities in anyone.


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