Kyouko Kinoshita (木下 京子, Kinoshita Kyōko) is a minor character from Boogiepop and Others. She is a classmate of Kazuko Suema, and one of the students peer pressured by Akiko Kusatsu to take the Type-S drug.


Kyouko's appearance was never shown in the novel.

In the anime, Kyouko is a young girl with brown hair tied in a bob, shown wearing the Shinyo Academy school uniform.


Kyouko was an average girl who could be found anywhere. She showed to be easily influenced when she agreed to start taking drugs by her classmates, out of fear of being left out. However, she was also a fearful girl, who promised Nagi Kirima to never take drugs again, after the delinquent's threat of physical violence.


In the Manticore's plan to get more girls to "go missing", she ordered the brainwashed Akiko Kusatsu to hook her classmates on the Type-S drug, in order to mask their disappearances as just a bunch of run-away delinquent girls. One of the classmates in question was Kyouko Kinoshita.


Boogiepop and Others

Kyouko, who was walking home with Kazuko one day, was attacked by the Fire Witch, Nagi Kirima, who was under the impression that the girl was, in fact, the Manticore. Nagi easily overpowered her and made her give out all of her information, after witch Nagi quickly realized the girl was just a victim, and made her swear to never take drugs again.

Boogiepop Phantom

Boogiepop Returns VS Imaginator Part 2

Before leaving the school, Kyouko recommended the distressed Kotoe Kinukawa to Kazuko Suema, who she believed could help the girl with her problems.


  • The name Kyouko means "capital city" (京) (kyou) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Kyouko's surname Kinoshita means "tree, wood" (木) (ki) and "under, below" (下) (shita).
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