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Kyousuke Hasebe (長谷部 京輔, Hasebe Kyōsuke), originally named Kyousuke Kikyounoemon Hasebe (長谷部 桔梗之衛門 京輔, Hasebe Kikyōnoemon Kyōsuke), codename Idioteque (イディオティック, Idiotikku), is a character from Boogiepop Bounding: Lost Moebius. Possessor of the ability of the same name, he is an executive officer of the Towa Organization, a former candidate for the seat of Axis, the brother of Kyouko Hasebe and the uncle of Nagi Kirima.


He was given the codename of Idioteque because of his appearance, which, at a single glance, looks like that of a drunkard. He calls Oxygen "Hollywood", because of the meaning of his alias. He and Nagi have a genuine uncle-niece relatioship, in spite of Kyousuke's position.


Kyousuke has the appearance of a middle aged man with curly, unkempt hair, small black eyes and a stubble. He is shown wearing a simple green suit.


Kyousuke Hasebe was born hundreds of years ago, along with his sister, Kyouko. While she survived due to being the host of the Witch of Fire, Walpurgis, Kyousuke survived through his ability to cross into different dimensions, where time passes at different rates.

He was the former Axis of the Towa Organization, but lost it to Oxygen. Currently, he retains a strange and undefined position in the Organization, and a command has been issued to "not interfere with him and acquiesce all of his actions".


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Boogiepop Bounding

Repent Walpurgis


  • Kyousuke's last name, Hasebe, is made up of the characters for "superior", "valley" and "bureau".
  • Kyousuke's first name is made up of the characters for "capital" and "help".
  • Kyousuke's former first name, Kikyounoemon, means "gate of bellflower", and is an old-fashioned name, showing the time period of his birth.
  • Kyousuke's codename, Idioteque, is a reference to the song of the same name by Radiohead, released in 2000.



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