MPLS is a term used primarily by the Towa Organization to denote 'evolved humans' that possess special abilities, obtained without the help of medicine or through body modification. Nobody is entirely sure what the acronym actually originates from and stands for, even members of the Organization like Yuu Tenjiki.

General Information

The MPLS were created as a byproduct of the Witch War between Walpurgis and Alcestis. The MPLS are described as people possessing possibilities that haven't yet been realized, and as such, they often, but not always, become enemies of the current world. The MPLS are also targets of the Towa Organization, who usually either experiment on them, or outright dispose of them. Many children possessing abilities like these do not even survive, being destroyed by their powers during fits of so-called "growing pains", while others never even discover their powers until way later in life.

Wonder Bearer

Wonder Bearers (奇蹟使い, Kiseki Tsukai, lit. "Miracle User") are also individuals possessing powerful abilities, similar to the MPLS, but on an entirely different scale, being powers that can alter the entire world, examples being powers that can create earthquakes or drop meteorites. Unlike the MPLS, which are similar to genetic mutations, Wonder Bearers are users of magic, a technology of the future. The first Wonder Bearer in human history was Mylow Starscraper, a man born human, who was modified by a race of aliens known as the Empty Fangs. Mylow became the protector of mankind, and his new power became the model for the later studies of magic. This fact, however, is contradicted by the existence of Fay Risky, someone born years before Mylow Starscraper who, nontheless, was classified as a Wonder Bearer. This is due to the interference of Walpurgis, the Witch of Fire, who, using her time manipulation powers, gave Fay an ability originating from the future.

Known wonder bearer abilities, and their users:

Wonder Bearer Abilities
Ability Name Description User
- Ability to crystallize everything he touches, making it completely invincible. Mylow Starscraper
Meddle Ability to survive any impact, no matter how powerful. Fay Risky
Ground Ability to control the earth, like transforming it instantly into magma. Anno Risky
Sky Ability to control the sky, like changing the density of the atmosphere. Bird Risky
Single Tear Ability to freeze over the humidity in the atmosphere, turning it solid. Liz Risky
No Shadow Ability to hide anything, like making oneself transparent. Garst
Watercraft Ability to control water. Scalp
Water Mirror Ability to see the flow of fate. Tomol Add
Uprooted Ability to summon demonic beasts which massacre everyone in a certain radius. Mugen
Coddle Ability to infect someone with a mental virus, robbing them of their judgement Lithers


MPLS abilities widely vary in scale and use.

Known MPLS abilities, and their users:

MPLS Abilities
Ability Name Description User
Attraction Ability of the Witch of Ice. Strongest power of attraction, that can suck anything in. Could be considered the first MPLS ability, along with Walpurgis' ability. Alcestis
Repulsion Ability of the Witch of Fire. Strongest power of repulsion, that can blow anything away. Could be considered the first MPLS ability, along with Alcestis' ability. Walpurgis
Boogiepop The Shinigami that kills all threats to the current world. Its true nature is unknown, but it might be an MPLS ability. Touka Miyashita
Boogiepop* The Shinigami that kills all threats to the current world. Its true nature is unknown, but it might be an MPLS ability. *(Not Canon) Motoka Igarashi
Boogiepop* The Shinigami that kills all threats to the current world. Its true nature is unknown, but it might be an MPLS ability. *(Not Canon) Takaya Akizuki
Disbeat Disruptis* Ability to manipulate the wounds inside people's hearts, causing them to 'break'. *(Not Canon) Kanou
Moon River Details unknown. Kazuko Suema
- Ability to read Echoes' thoughts. Naoko Kamikishiro
Strange Days Ability to detect the energy that manifests at the moment of a living creature's death. Also allows one to keep on living after death. Suiko Minahoshi
Akiko Honami
- Ability to see people's hearts in the form of flowers. Jin Asukai
Into Eyes Ability to see the future reflections on surfaces. Kasumi Mikage
Aroma Ability to smell future smells. Kyouko Nanane
Whispering Ability to momentarily mimick voices heard in the future. Kouji Koumoto
Baby Talk Ability to feel vague sensations from the future. Mitsuo Kazumiya
King of Distortion Ability to control the distortions in people's hearts. Shirou Tanaka
- Ability to enhance other people's skills. Kyou
Tight Rope Ability to uncounciously lead the situation towards one's goal, without realizing it. Hiroshi Honami
Inazuma Ability to see 'weak spots' and 'dead lines' in the air, greatly increasing his fighting ability. Tohru Takashiro
The Slider Ability to see and manipulate multiple 'cracks' in the space around him. Most powerful ability in the Towa Organization. Lee Maisaka
Countdown Ability to 'infect' others with feelings of fear and unease. Sanpei Motoki
Failsafe Ability to apply Strange Days repeatedly, using it to resucitate oneself up to 13 times. Morito Uchimura
- Ability to see the fate of other people in the form of strands of air floating above them. Described as the most meaningless MPLS ability, as it cannot change anything. Hiiragi
Shame Face Ability to reflect the aggression of anyone in his line of sight back at themselves. Shouzou Itouya
White Riot Ability to remove people's rationality, making them more and more frustrated until they end up committing suicide. Masanori Sumiya
Switchstance Ability to steal control of a person's body while they're touching her blood. Ai Komiyama
Gimme Shelter Ability to control another person's body after planting her hair on them. Kimika Nakamura
Idioteque Ability to travel and hide himself in other dimensions. Kyousuke Hasebe
One Hot Minute Ability to make any object catch fire through manipulation of molecular motion. Harumi Suginoura
Falling Grace Ability to stop all molecular motion, making her capable of freezing all objects. Using it, she can also stop the progression of diseases like cancer. Midori Rokumine
Tired Ability to degrade a material in an instant. Down Rodeo
Heavy Heat Ability to read the thermal response of objects or creatures. Can also manipulate it, causing an explosion. Fix Up
Picturesque Ability to extract information from nearby people in the form of a proverb. Boomerang
Stones Cast Ability to 'crystallize' an enemy. Sepia Stain
- Ability to project an image onto a target. Most powerful MPLS ability. Scatterbrain
Decadent Black Ability to manipulate emotions like fear and rage. Yuuki Kishimori
Flash Forward Ability to accurately predict the future through visions. Yuuto Amari
Lazy Noise Ability to occasionally hear noises from the past related to the things or people he is looking at or talking to. Mitsuru Hayami
Rabbit Run Sunao Shirato
Morning Glory Ability to see the inside of others' minds, thereby predicting their moves. Asako Asakura
Mincemeat Ability to read one's thoughts through palm reading. The Mincer
Violenza Domestica Ability to control the spiral in all things. Kousuke Saiga
Sultans of Swing Ability to ward off damage from one part of his body. Jinpachirou Hidaka
Nightfall Ability to borrow other people's abilities. Sora Saiga
Magical Mystery Tour Ability to revitalize and evolve human beings. Kouyuu Nagareba
Wind Chime Ability to manipulate sound waves. Kaede Kazahora
Typical Collapse Ability to make her targets collapse by just looking at them. Sakura Shimura
Shiika Shimura
Straight No Chaser Ability useful for long-distance sniping. Midori Sorimachi
Whiter Shade Ability to see how 'serious' other people are. Rio Midou
Arrogance Arrow Ability to control static electricity. Kozue Muroi
Quasarsphere Ability to alter the refractive index of light. Akiko Minoyama
Muse to the Pharaoh Ability to make people follow her orders, taking away their autonomy. Also works on insects. Minori Nijikami
- Details unknown. Fumi Mitani
Forest Flower Serika Ishiki

Non-MPLS Abilities

MPLS Abilities
Ability Name Description User
Fear Ghoul Ability to sense people's weaknesses and fears, along with increased physical capabilities. *(Induced with medicine.) Makiko Kisugi
Sin Ghoul Ability to see people's regrets, guilt and bad memories in the form of insects. *(Induced with medicine.) Hisashi Jounouchi


  • The term MPLS is a reference to the song titled MPLS Song by the band Pinhead Gunpowder, featured in their debut EP Tründle and Spring.


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