Mai Kuran (久嵐 舞惟, Kuran Mai), real name Hornisse (ホルニッセ, Horunisse), also known as Leb'Wohl (レブヲール, Rebuwōru), is a character from Like Toy Soldiers and the Emperoider Spin Series. She is a Synthetic Human of the Towa Organization, a former teammate of Katyusha and Bullet Head's direct supervisor.


To outsiders like Kunio Koryou, Mai puts on the personality of a cheerful high school girl and caring younger sister to Koi, who always tries to protect her shy older sister. She gives the cover story of coming from a ruptured family, with Koi being her half sister from her dad's mistress, whom Mai was forbidden to see, and so she comes to visit her in secret.

Mai's true personality is that of a cold and professional synthetic human who doesn't show many emotions. She has no qualms about killing in order to accomplish her job, and values the mission more than anything else, being fully loyal to the Organization. She can sometimes be abusive towards Koi, due to the girl's lack of experience or knowledge. Even so, she does seem to retain some humanity, shown through her interactions with Katyusha, in which she is shown to care about her comrades.


Mai looks even younger than Koi, appearing to be around high-school aged. She has long, straight, shoulder length black hair and red eyes. She is shown wearing what appears to be a school uniform consisting of a white shirt with a black ribbon.


She was formerly a part of a team with Katyusha, but all of the other members died. Later, Mai was assigned to be Koi's supervisor, and gave her orders on every mission she was sent on.


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Like Toy Soldiers

Boogiepop Intolerance

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  • Mai's last name, Kuran, is made up of the characters for "old story" and "storm".
  • Mai's first name is made up of the characters for "dance" and "reflect".
  • Mai's real name, Hornisse, means 'hornet' in German, and is a reference to the German tank of the same name.
  • Mai's nickname, Leb'Wohl, means "farewell" in German.



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