Makoto Hashizaka (橋坂 真, Hashizaka Makoto) is a character from Boogiepop Overdrive: The King of Distortion. He is the child of Shizuka Hashizaka and the creator of the dangerous creature Zouragi.


Makoto appears to be a fairly regular child of his age, having a selfish and bratty personality, shown by his casual wish for a giant monster to flatten the Moon Temple solely because he was bored of waiting in line. He doesn't show much respect for people older than himself, as is apparent from his interaction with the King of Distortion in the form of Kyouichirou Teratsuki before entering the Temple. He is generally shown to be moody.

The advanced King of Distortion known as Zouragi was born from his image of the father figure absent in his life. Seeing his mother be constantly tormented by her lingering affections for Kyouichirou Teratsuki throughout his childhood led the boy to imagine him as this giant monstrous creature, unseen by others but always wreaking havoc in the city. In the end, that image was destroyed within the dream by Boogiepop, who made Makoto stop believing in the creature's power over him by defeating it in front of his eyes.


Makoto is a normal-looking young boy with short black hair.

In the anime, he has short brown hair and brown eyes, and is shown wearing an orange hoodie, a blue backpack and light blue pants.


Makoto was born to Shizuka Hashizaka and an unknown man, although Shizuka wanted to believe that Makoto was Kyouichirou Teratsuki's son (though this is confirmed to be impossible, as Teratsuki is incapable of reproduction due to being a Synthetic Human). At some point, he started seeing the figure of Zouragi within his mind. During school, there was an incident when, upon being asked to draw his father, Makoto drew the giant monster.


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Boogiepop Overdrive


  • Makoto's last name, Hashizaka, means "bridge over the slope".
  • Makoto's first name means "truth".


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