Now that you have seen me, I cannot allow you to live.


The Manticore (マンティコア, Manteikoa) is the main antagonist of Boogiepop and Others. It is a man-eating clone of Echoes created by the Towa Organization that escaped the institute where it was held, and proceeded to fall in love with Masami Saotome, and steal the body of Minako Yurihara.


The Manticore is an unempathetic creature, being able to kill others for food without feeling any guilt, and when it isn't hiding its true identity, it is very aggressive towards everyone aside from Masami. When it first met him, it was unconcerned with its future or its place in the world, as it just tried its best to survive the day without being hunted by any Towa Organization agents, who it has shown great fear towards. However, Masami was able to convince the Manticore that, with his help, the two would be able to reconstruct society with them at its center. The Manticore quickly fell in love with him, as he was the first person to show kindness towards it, and its love was proven genuine when Masami was killed protecting it, when it became frenzied and attempted to kill anyone in sight.


The Manticore's original appearance is never shown, only its body after the transformation into Minako Yurihara.

In the anime, it is shown to be identical to Echoes, its original, before taking the body of Minako.


After Echoes was captured by the Towa Organization, he was experimented on and cloned, most likely intending it to be a weapon. The clone, however, quickly turned aggressive, and killed everyone in the institute where it was held, before escaping. Later, it broke into Shinyo Academy school ground, and murdered Minako Yurihara. It was, however, seen by Masami Saotome, and attempted to kill and take his body, but the boy explained to the creature that Minako would be a better choice for infiltrating society. After that, the two started working together.


Boogiepop and Others

Boogiepop Phantom


  • Manticore means "man-eater" in ancient greek.
  • Manticore is also a reference to the song of the same name by the band Emerson, Lake & Palmer, from their album Tarkus.