Maxim G (マキシム・G, Makushimu G), full name Maxim Gorky (マキシム・ゴーリキー, Makushimu Gōrikī), is a character from the Repent Walpurgis Series and the Emperoider Spin Series. Possessor of the ability Gentle Giant (ジェントル・ジャイアント, Jentoru Jaianto), he is a Super Build Synthetic Human and a senior executive of the Towa Organization.


In spite of his innocent and childish appearance, Gorky is a cold, cruel and calculating person, who only cares about himself and his sister, Blue Dahlia. He decided to overthrow the current head of the Organization, and become the next Axis, not out of a desire for power or frustration, but merely after logically determining that he is the one most fit for the job.


Gorky has the appearance of a young boy, with spikey, unkempt hair and big blue eyes. He is shown wearing formal clothing, consisting of a black suit with a red tie, black shorts, white socks and brown shoes.


Gorky is a Super Build synthetic human that was created by the Towa Organization. In spite of his artificial origin, he has a pretty high rank in the Organization. His was given the nickname "Robot General".


  • Gentle Giant (ジェントル・ジャイアント, Jentoru Jaianto): By generating positive and negative biological waves at a rate of more than 100 per second, he is able to solidify the surrounding air and transform it into an 'air giant', larger than a mountain and hard as iron. He can make it into any form, but most often chooses to make it humanoid, as it is easier to handle. As it is just air, it's undetectable by any radars, and can be controlled by him freely, though it requires heavy concentration and skill.


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  • Maxim's name is a reference to the Russian writer Alexei Maximovich Peshkov, also known by his pseudonym Maxim Gorky.
  • The name of Maxim's ability is a reference to the British progressive rock band Gentle Giant.



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