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Minoru Sera (世良 稔, Sera Minoru), real name Pete Beat (ピート・ビート, Pīto Bīto), is a character mentioned Boogiepop Unbalance: Holy & Ghost and the protagonist of the Beat's Discipline Series. Possessor of the ability N.S.U., he is a Synthetic Human working for the Towa Organization.


Pete is described as having an 'unsophsticated palate'. He considers The Mincer a big sister.


Pete is a young man with short black hair and black eyes. He has an urban fashion sense, wearing a black short sleeved jacket over a light blue T-shirt, and a pair of blue shorts with chains tied around the belt. On his right hand, he wears two metal bracelets, and on his left hand, he wears a black and white wrist-band.


Pete was originally an Analysis type synthetic human. However, he learned combat from Mo Murder, and learned to use his ability to fight. He was ordered by Fortissimo to find his "Carmen", a concept very important to synthetic humans.

During the funeral of Chikao Shinokita, he met Asako Asakura for the first time, who would later become his partner. For a time, he also lived alongside Mo Murder and The Mincer.


  • No Signal Understanding (ノー・シグナル・アンダスタンディング, Nō Shigunaru Andasutandingu): Often shortened to N.S.U., it is Pete's ability to feel vibrations of all kinds in the air, including people's heartbeat. He can also manipulate vibrations and use them to fight, both affecting his opponents and increasing his own power, a feature not included in the original specifications of NSU. Pete has not reported this aspect of his ability to his superiors.


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  • Minoru's last name, Sera, is written with the characters for "society" and "skilled".
  • Minoru's first name means "harvest".
  • Minoru's synthetic human name, Pete Beat, is a reference to the 1982 album titled "Beat" by the rock band King Crimson.
  • The name of Minoru's ability, N.S.U., is a reference to the 1966 song of the same name by Cream.
  • Beat's Discipline, the spin-off in which Pete is the main character, is named after the album "Beat" and "Discipline" by King Crimson.



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