Norisuke Kigawa (軌川 典助, Kigawa Norisuke) is a character from Boogiepop Missing: The Peppermint Wizard. He was Tosuke Kigawa adoptive father and presumably a former soldier.


Norisuke appears to have been a kind old man, when it comes to Tosuke. He treated the boy like his own child, despite the fundamental differences between them. However, he was also very protective of Tosuke, never letting him outside his house until the day he died, in order to maintain the boy's innocence. He used to tell Tosuke war stories from his past, to which the boy would listen with much interest.

Norisuke appears to have discovered the secrets of the world through some unknown means, which led him to be on the Towa Organization's radar. However, the man decided to never divulge the truth, as he did not believe he could do anything to change the world regardless. He was said to dislike sweets, however, that was just because no other confection could compete with Tosuke's ice cream.


Norisuke's appearance is never shown.


Norisuke seems to have been a soldier at some point in the past. He discovered the secrets of the world through unknown means, and later found Tosuke, who was abandoned by the Organization, and took him in.


Boogiepop Missing


  • Norisuke's last name, Kigawa, means "standard river".
  • Norisuke's first name is written with the characters for "law" and "rescue".


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