Nozomi Tsuji (辻 希美, Tsuji Nozomi) is a character from Boogiepop in the Mirror: Pandora. Possessor of the ability Automatic (オートマティック, Ōtomatikku), she is a member of the Gang of Six and the childhood friend of Kouji Koumoto.


Nozomi shows a composed attitude most of the time, and enjoys teasing others, having a sarcastic attitude. She also has a bad habit of malicious speculation. She also shows a more level-headed and rational outview compared to most of her friends in the Gang. According to Mitsuo Kazumiya, her art has a warmth opposite to her 'cold blooded' personality.

Nozomi fell in love with Kouji ever since elementary school, noticing how the boy always seemed to be fighting something, and admiring his resolve in facing that something head on. However, after witnessing Kouji's special ability, Nozomi lied about possessing one of her own, knowing that if she didn't, he would cut her out of his life in fear of dragging her into trouble. As such, she kept up the act for nearly ten years, never quite sure whether or not Kouji ever realized her lie.


Nozomi is a teenager with short, slightly curly light brown hair, and brown eyes. During the events of Boogiepop in the Mirror: Pandora, she wore a green camo-pattern coat over a red turtle neck sweater, and a red skirt. In Boogiepop Paradox: Heartless Red, she wore a white and blue sailor school uniform.


Nozomi went to the same elementary school as Kouji, where she fell in love with the boy. During an incident on a school field trip, when she and Kouji got lost in the forest, Nozomi witnessed Kouji's ability, and used it to reunite with their class. After that, Nozomi lied to Kouji about possessing an ability as well, in order to remain at his side.

Years later, the two would meet Kasumi Mikage, Kyouko Nanane and Mitsuo Kazumiya and, using their abilities, would locate the money left behind by the Towa Organization as a trap for any MPLS who might detect it. There, the group meets Yuu Tenjiki, who joins their group, forming the Gang of Six.


  • Automatic (オートマティック, Ōtomatikku): Nozomi's ability, which allows her to automatically draw a picture of a future event. In reality, this is a fake ability made up by Nozomi.


Boogiepop in the Mirror

Boogiepop Paradox


  • Nozomi's last name, Tsuji, means "crossroad".
  • Nozomi's first name means "rare beauty", but is also homophonous with "nozomi" (望み), meaning "hope".


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