Oris Quart (オリセ・クォルト, Orise Kuoruto), also known as the War Demon (戦鬼, Senki) or the True Hero (真の勇者, Shin no Yūsha), is a character from Inside the Apocalypse Castle. Possessor of the magic Battlefield (〈戦場〉, Senshō), she is an artificial Witch from the Interface World who, despite being created as a weapon of destruction agaisnt magical empires, rose against Bias Li Carz of her own will.


As the complete opposite of Li Carz, Oris is a noble soul who fought for justice against the other Witch's malice. Despite being created for the purpose of mindless destruction, she gained a will of her own.


Contrasting Li Carz, Oris is a pure white woman with silver hair flowing down to her waist, a pair of yellow eyes and black lips that stand out against her pale skin. She is shown wearing a sleeveless white, skin-tight suit, open around her chest, under which she is covered in bandages. She also appears to have nail-like metal objects portruding from the front of her body and the top of her head, and a white helmet covering the back of her head.


Oris is an artificially created Witch, made as the ultimate weapon capable of destroying magical empires. Despite her origins as a weapon of destruction, even earning her the nickname of War Demon, Oris gained a will and sense of justice, and rose up to fight the evil Li Carz, who was attempting to subjugate and ultimately slaughter every magical empire. Being the only creature capable of stopping her, the two Witches began their endless battle. Li Carz supposedly created Apocalypse Castle in order to face off against Oris, but no witnesses to their fight were left alive, and so nobody knows for sure.


  • Battlefield (〈戦場〉, Senshō): The astounding justice of Oris Quart.


Inside the Apocalypse Castle


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