Pigeon (ピジョン, Pijon) is a character from Boogiepop at Dawn. She is a member of the Towa Organization, working as a messenger delivering orders to different agents.


When interacting with Shinpei Kuroda, Pigeon was a cheerful and happy girl, smiling a lot. She enjoyed talking to him a lot, and she later revealed that she was in love with him. Kuroda often used to say that "a Scarecrow and a Pigeon are an odd couple", to which she would respond that "Scarecrows only scare away crows". This is why, after the Towa Organization sent Mo Murder to assassinate Kuroda for betrayal, Pigeon became extremely furious at the assassin, even though she still had to interact with him for work. Her hatred was so strong that, when Makiko Kisugi asked her for help in killing Masanori, Pigeon agreed, throwing her life away in the process. In her final moments, Pigeon mistook a young Boogiepop for Kuroda's sprit, and asked him if they would meet again in heaven, but Boogiepop responded that they would instead meet in hell.


Pigeon is described as having the appearance of a young girl with short hair.

In the anime, Pigeon has blonde hair with pink highlights, styled in a short ponytail, and brown eyes. She is shown wearing a black hoodie over a white shirt, light blue tight jeans, and a pair of black boots.


Pigeon is a Synthetic Human created by the Towa Organization, with the role of sending different messages to other agents, mostly consisting of their orders. She fell in love with Shinpei Kuroda.


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Boogiepop at Dawn


  • Pigeon is named after the carrier pigeon, because of her role of delivering information.



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