Rei Kusunoki (楠木 玲, Kusunoki Rei) is a character from Boogiepop Missing: The Peppermint Wizard. She is a genius confectionary maker, Tosuke Kigawa's partner and an employee of MCE's Ice Cream Division.


Rei has a strong personality, befitting her prodigy status. Most people consider her to be an arrogant person, due to her unfriendly demeanor combined with her talent. She is shown to be easily irritated and lack a sense of humor, hardly ever smiling. This contrasts highly with Tosuke, whose goofy personality seemed to be the exact opposite of hers. Even so, the two hit it off almost instantly, understanding each other through their proficiency in making sweets, and developing some amazing products together. While Tosuke often had the tendency to use ridiculously expensive ingredients in his recipes, which made them impossible to produce commercially, Rei's pragmatic outlook made her choose out more viable ingredients.

Rei started making sweets due to a memory of her baking a cake along with her parents, which was one of the few times they did anything together as a family, before both of them died, leaving Rei alone. Due to Tosuke's influence, she slowly started to forget this pain, and so made the decision to quit the company, much to Tosuke's dismay. She had already figured his true nature out by then. The two had very similar kinds of pain, and so, she told him to never feel like he wasn't human again. Before leaving, she shared a kiss with Tosuke, showing that she had romantic feelings for him.


Rei is a young woman with short blond hair in a bob haircut. She is shown wearing a purple long sleeved shirt and jeans.


When she was young, her family was caught up in a war, and her parents were killed in an explosion during a war on an overseas trip. Afterwards, she started being passed around foster homes, which she attributes as the cause of her twisted personality. She began making sweets due to a memory of her baking a cake with her family, and quickly showed prodigal abilities, becoming well known at the young age of 20.


Boogiepop Missing


  • Rei's last name, Kusunoki, means "camphor tree".
  • Rei's first name means "sound of jewels".


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