Sakiko Michimoto (道元 咲子, Michimoto Sakiko) is a character from Boogiepop Overdrive: The King of Distortion. She is a high-school student who visited the Moon Temple on the day of the King of Distortion incident, along with Takeshi.


Sakiko initially appears as a superficial girl, taking advantage of Takeshi's invitation to a date to visit the Moon Tower, even though she had no feelings for the young man. However, in truth, she is plagued by horrible self-hatred after Hinako's death, as she said some horrible things to her, even when she didn't do anything wrong, and never had the chance to apologize to her, as the girl was killed in a traffic accident. Thus, she started believing that she was a horrible person, and started looking for Boogiepop, wishing that the Shinigami would kill her. Boogiepop, however, told the girl that she was, in fact, a very kind person, and it's because of this that she feels so guilty about what she did wrong. It was also revealed that, despite how shallow and uninvested she first appeared to be, she did actually have some feelings for Takeshi. Sakiko was the first and only person to see Boogiepop honestly smile.


In the novel, Sakiko looks like a normal girl with short brown hair.

In the anime, Sakiko has longer brown hair and brown eyes, and is shown wearing a beige coat over a wine red turtle-neck sweater, a pair of light-blue shorts, black stockings and brown boots.


Sakiko was a normal girl. When she was young, she was best friends with a girl from her school named Hinako. However, Sakiko soon discovered that the boy she had a crush on liked Hinako instead of her, and so, in a burst of anger, she got into a fight with her friend, and said some horrible thins to her. Sakiko immediately wanted to apologize, but couldn't bring herself to, and so she decided that she would apologize and try to make up with Hinako once the break was over. But, sadly, Hinako and her family all passed away before Sakiko could have a chance to speak to her again.


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  • Sakiko's last name, Michimoto, means "beginning of the road".
  • Sakiko's first name means "blossoming child".


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