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Sakura Shimura (志邑 咲桜, Shimura Sakura) is a character from the Emperoider Spin Series. Possessor of the ability Typical Collapse (ティピカル・コラプス, Tipikaru Korapusu), she is an MPLS and a student of the NP Cram School.



Sakura is a young girl with long, light purple hair and large, purple eyes. She is shown wearing her school's uniform, consisting of a dark purple blazer over a white shirt, with a red ribbon tied around the collar, and a long, dark purple skirt.


Sakura is a student of the NP Cram School, along with the other MPLS.


  • Typical Collapse (ティピカル・コラプス, Tipikaru Korapusu): Sakura's MPLS ability, which allows her to make her targets collapse by just looking at them. It is a very powerful ability.


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  • Sakura's last name, Shimura, is written with the characters for "ambition" and "town".
  • Sakura's first name means "cherry blossom".


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