Sawako Nakadai (仲代 佐和子, Nakadai Sawako) is a minor character from Boogiepop Returns: VS Imaginator Part 1. She is a high-school girl who came to Jin Asukai for counceling because of a reoccuring dream she had.


Sawako is a regular girl. When she came to Jin, she seemed fairly worried and distracted, but Jin told her that it was just because she was too worried about college, and the pressure made her have the strange dream. She seemed to calm down after listening to his advice, and even told him that he could be a good therapist. According to Jin, the flower in her heart lacked roots, and that was the reason for her restlessness. Jin also first heard the phrase "sometimes it snows in April" from her, presumably because the Imaginator snuck inside her dreams.


In the novel, Sawako's appearance is never shown.

In the anime, Sawako is a slightly chubby young girl with short brown hair in a bob haircut, and brown eyes. When she met Jin, she wore her school's uniform.


Sawako is a normal high-school girl who was having a reoccuring dream, which worried her. The only thing she could concretely remember from the dream was the phrase "sometimes it snows in April".


Boogiepop Returns: VS Imaginator

Sawako showed up to Jin's office for counceling, and explained her situation. Jin, seeing the missing part of her heart, thought up an appropriate piece of advice, and easily managed to help the girl momentarily relieve herself of her worries. Inside, however, Jin knew that the girl would later run into similar problems, as he knew that people can never truly fill the missing parts of their hearts. Before leaving, Sawako brought up the strange phrase "sometimes it snows in April" that she heard in her dream.


  • Sawako's last name, Nakadai, is written with the characters for "relationship" and "generation".
  • Sawako's first name is written with the characters for "help", "harmony" and "child".


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