Shinyo Academy (深陽 学園, Shinyō Gakuen) is one of the primary settings of the Boogiepop Series. It is the high-school that the main characters Touka Miyashita, Nagi Kirima and Kazuko Suema attend.



Considering that both the Imaginator and the Manticore attended the Academy at some point, it is fair to say that it is a fairly popular spot for abnormal, supernatural activity. The school seems to be quite distinguished. as it is shown to be quite strict with the conduct of the student body. The most notable aspect of this is the total prohibition on romantic relationships, sexual or otherwise, between its students. This rule, however, is often broken by students in secret. The staff are shown to be more concerned with the image of the school, rather than the well-being of the students, as when many girls when missing during the Manticore Incident, the school just assumed they ran away, just as the Manticore and Saotome predicted.


A list of known students of Shinyo Academy.


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