Shizuka Hashizaka (橋坂 静香, Hashizaka Shizuka) is a character from Boogiepop Overdrive: The King of Distortion. She is the single mother of Makoto Hashizaka and a former lover of Kyouichirou Teratsuki.


Shizuka cares a lot for her young son, and does her best to care for him as much as she can. In spite of this, though, her regret over her relationship with Teratsuki showed through, even to young Makoto, who ended up having a complex about his missing father, which ended up manifesting as Zouragi. In the end, Shizuka's hang-ups over her past were resolved after her meeting with the King of Distortion, and the woman went on to dedicate herself fully to raising her child, no longer being hung up over the past.


Shizuka's appearance isn't shown in detail, only as a silhouette.

In the anime, Shizuka is a woman with long brown hair, parted down the middle, brown eyes, and prominently large ears. She is shown wearing a yellow sweater and blue jeans. In the past, she had shorter hair, and wore a red dress.


In the past, Shizuka had a bad relationship with her family, and slept around with many men, so she does not know the true identity of Makoto's father. However, of those many relationships, the one that gripped her the most, as well as the one man she hoped really was Makoto's father, was her relationship with Kyouichirou Teratsuki. When she revealed to the man that she was pregnant, he offered her money to keep quiet about it, even though he knew that it was physically impossible for him to have children due to being a Synthetic Human. When she threatened to tell the media about this affair, the man explained how, even if she would go to the press, nothing harmful to his person oculd ever be published. Still, he also recommended that she keep quiet, in order to maintain her safety, also hinting at his immnent death. In the end, Shizuka never attempted to publicize her story, and went on to raise Makoto as best as she could, while still being haunted by regret over that relationship.


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  • Shizuka's surname, Hashizaka, means "bridge over the slope".
  • Shizuka's first name means "quiet incense".


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