Sonoko Furukita (古北 園子, Furukita Sonoko), later Sonoko Mamiya (間宮 園子, Mamiya Sonoko), nicknamed Kitasono (きたその, Kitasono), is a character from Boogiepop Missing: The Peppermint Wizard. She is a celebrity who met Tosuke Kigawa and became a taste tester for his ice cream, thereby bearing the full brunt of its effects.


Sonoko had a cheerful and happy personality, which made her appealing to the public at large. She also seemed to be ditzy, often messing up her lines on air. Before eating the ice cream, she was concerned with others' impressions of her, which dragged her down. After losing that pain, she lost that weakness, and also forgot her grudge on those who wronged her, leading to her becoming one of the most popular celebrities at the time, with a constantly positive personality. After Spooky E introduced Spunky to the ice cream, she began to bear the strongest effects of the drug, barely eating anything and looking generally extremely unhealthy.


Sonoko is an attractive young woman was short brown hair and light brown eyes. She is shown wearing a black vest over a white shirt.


Back when she auditioned for a job in showbusiness, she was failed by the script writer who acted as the judge, instead picking an amateur with personal connections to him, despite Sonoko being more fit for the role. This led Sonoko to bear a grudge against them (although she later forgot them entirely due to Tosuke's ice cream).

Later, as a news reporter, she reported on the Peppermint Wizard ice cream store. There, she met the president himself (although she didn't realize who he was until being told). Tosuke took a liking to her, and invited her to be the taste tester for his ice cream prototypes, although, by her own admission, she didn't have a very sophisticated palette.

She entered a relationship with Kazuo Mamiya at an unknown point in time, although she was already dating him by the time she met Tosuke.


Boogiepop Missing


  • Sonoko's last name, Furukita, is made up of the characters for "old" and "north".
  • Sonoko's first name means "garden child".
  • Sonoko's new last name, Mamiya, means "space shrine".


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