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Sora Saiga (才牙 そら, Saiga Sora) is a character from the Emperoider Spin Series. Possessor of the ability Nightfall (ナイトフォール, Naitofōru), she is a half-Empty Fang MPLS and the twin sister of Kousuke Saiga.


Sora is on bad terms with her brother, as she believes she was the first born of the two, and yet Kousuke still treats her as his little sister. Because Kousuke holds no negative feelings towards her, she cannot use Nightfall on him. Jinpachirou Hidaka thinks of her as an unfortunate girl.


Sora is a young, petite girl with long, free flowing white hair and yellow eyes. She is shown wearing her school's uniform, consisting of a light purple blazer on top of a white shirt with a violet ribbon tied around the collar, and a light purple skirt. Even though she was born at the same time as Kousuke, her body didn't grow as fast as his, and therefore she appears to be a few years younger than him.


She, along with Kousuke, were given birth by Mahoro Saiga, who entered the Trail of Fangs, and subsequently became pregnant with the children of one of the four Empty Fangs sent to Earth. Afterwards, she and her brother were taken in by Kyouichirou Teratsuki, who became their father through recognition.


  • Nightfall (ナイトフォール, Naitofōru): Sora's ability to 'fall into the center of a situation'. Using it, she can borrow the ability of any other person, so long as that person has hostile feelings towards her. This ability is also able to manipulate time. It is implied that her ability, as well as Kousuke's, might not actually be MPLS abilities. However, this fact remains unconfirmed.


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  • Sora's last name, Saiga, is written with the characters for "talent" and "fang".
  • Sora's first name is homophonous with the Japanese word for "sky" or "empty", which is also the first character in Kousuke's first name, although this might not be intentional.
  • Kousuke and Sora's names together can make up the Japanese word for Empty Fang: 虚 (Ko) from Kousuke's first name, 空 (Sora/Kuu) from Sora's first name and 牙 (Ga) from the two's last name.
  • The name of Sora's ability might be a reference to the 1991 album "Nightfall" by Louis Hayes.


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