Suguru Semigasawa (蟬ヶ沢 卓, Semigasawa Suguru), real name Squeeze (スクイーズ, Sukuīzu), is a character from Boogiepop Missing: The Peppermint Wizard. He is a designer affiliated with MCE's Ice Cream Division[1] and a Battle Type Synthetic Human of the Towa Organization.[2]


Suguru's most notable trait is his effeminate manner of speech, most often using feminine mannerisms when interacting with his coworkers. He shows a composed and understanding attitude with others, often being the voice of reason in the company, compared to Tosuke Kigawa or Rei Kusunoki. As a master of his craft, he shows a sophisticated design sense, being a mentor of sorts to Keiji Takeda.[1] Although laid back, he is still strict toward his subordinates when it comes to work, only accepting the most perfect output.[2]

While on missions from the Towa Organization, Squeeze's demeanor changes completely. Forgoing his feminine mannerisms, he speaks in neutral language, and shows a cold exterior, being capable of killing without batting an eye, like most synthetic humans.[2] Even so, he does still have a conscience, and is not heartless, shown by how he allowed Sonoko Furukita to escape in the chaos, despite clear orders to eliminate her.[1]


Suguru's appearance is never shown.


Suguru was created by the Towa Organization, like the other synthetic humans. He was given a job as a designer as a cover identity, also doing work with the design company that Keiji Takeda works at. He was hired by Kyouichirou Teratsuki to work in MCE's Ice Cream Division, and remained an employee even after the company separated from MCE and became its own brand. However, in reality, Suguru was planted by the Organization to monitor Tosuke's activity.[1]


  • Plug (充填, Jūten): Suguru's synthetic human ability, based on the special lungs he was equipped with, which allows him to shoot out a wave of compressed air. The air shot contains within it a resonance which alters an object's molecular structure upon contact, thereby tearing it apart.[2] Although extremely powerful, its one flaw is that it takes several seconds to charge up, during which the target has a chance of escape.[1]


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  • Suguru's last name, Semigasawa, means "cicada valley".
  • Suguru's first name means "eminent".
  • Suguru's real name, Squeeze, is a reference to the 1973 album of the same name by the rock band The Velvet Underground.


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