Touka Miyashita (宮下 藤花, Miyashita Tōka) is the alternate protagonist of the Boogiepop Series. She is an ordinary student at Shinyo Academy, the girlfriend of Keiji Takeda, and a good friend of Kazuko Suema. Unbeknownst to most, though, including herself, Touka hosts the mysterious entity known as Boogiepop inside her mind.


Unlike her alter ego, Touka is an outstandingly normal person. She has a cheerful and mischievous personality, and easily gets along with other people. Judging by how she paid no mind to the negative rumors about Nagi Kirima, and spoke to her normally, it can be said that she is not very easily scared, and is a good natured person. She isn't very smart, having to constantly rely on Kazuko Suema's tutoring just to pass the exam. Even so, she never seems particularly worriend about not passing, even saying that she would't go to collge a few times, though not in a serious manner. She is hopelessly in love with Keiji, and, although he wasn't able to spend that much time with her because of his job as a designer, he also loves Touka very much. In spite of their obvious differences, Boogiepop and Touka do also share some similarities, such as their strong desire to help others and their kindness.


Touka is a young girl with shoulder-length dark brown hair and brown eyes. She is most often seen wearing the Shinyo Academy female, white sailor uniform, with a yellow cardigan over it, and a short, dark blue skirt. She also often unconciously carries around a Spalding bag, inside of which is the Boogiepop outfit.

In the anime, Touka has reddish-brown hair styled in a bob haircut and blue eyes, and wears the female Shinyo Academy school uniform, consisting of a white shirt with a red ribbon tied around the collar, over which she wears a yellow cardigan and blue blazer, and a pale blue short skirt.


Touka was born to a completely normal Japanese family. Her first involvement with the abnormal was during the serial killer incident, when Boogiepop first emerged from her. All her memories of this time were "corrected" to erase any evidence of Boogiepop, so she never figured out anything. Her family situation, however, became strained after her mother witnessed Boogiepop. The rest of the family didn't believe her mother, however, and the woman began to be treated like she was insane.


  • Touka's last name, Miyashita, is written with the characters for "shrine" and "inferior".
  • Touka first name means "wisteria flower".