Touka Miyashita's Story Synopsis in Boogiepop in the Mirror: Pandora

Chapter 1: The Six - Our Gang

Touka Miyashita called out Keiji Takeda, the boy she liked, to confess to him. While waiting, Keiji ran into Kasumi Mikage, an old friend from middle-school, in the train station. The two spoke for a bit, and Kasumi used his power, Into Eyes, to determine what kind of girl Touka was. Satisfied with what he saw in Keiji's eyes, Kasumi assured him him that the girl would be pretty serious about the relationship. Shortly afterwards, the boys saw Touka approaching, and Kasumi left Keiji alone with her.

Chapter 7: Tsuji Nozomi - Automatic

Boogiepop inhabited Touka's body and came to help the Gang of Six, after hearing the other-worldly scream produced by Kouji Koumoto's ability, Whispering, before his death.

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