The Towa Organization (統和 機構, Tōwa Kikō), referred to as The Organization or The System, is the main antagonistic force of the Boogiepop Series. It is a mysterious corporation controlling the world from the shadows.


The Towa Organization is responsible for the creation of the synthetic humans, humans with amazing powers impossible for regular people. The basis for the creation of the synthetic humans was Echoes, the extraterrestrial lifeform that was sent down to judge if humans should be allowed to continue living. After experimenting on this over-evolved man, the Towa Organization was able to create an army of these artificial humans. These abilities are often similar to the naturally occurring powers of the espers. The Organization names these individuals MPLS, although the name's origin is unknown even to the more influential members of the organization, such as Eugene. One of the Organization's goals is to either eradicate or capture the MPLS and conduct experiments on them. Because of their constant attempts to hurt normal people, they are sometimes forced to fight Boogiepop or Nagi Kirima, who refuse to let them have their way.

They appear to have an almost unlimited amount of influence, being able to cover up all of the incidents they take part in, and kill any normal civilians, without suffering any consequences. Their ability to support Kyouichirou Teratsuki in becoming a millionaire, even as the man didn't have a citizenship, shows that their power is at an international level, above even nations.

According to Jin Asukai, the Towa Organization's main purpose is to test different stimuli on average people, and ascertain the results, such as when they put some type of drug in random meals at a fast food restaurant, causing many deaths (one of which being Asukai's father). Further explained by Shinpei Kuroda, the Towa Organization's main objective is the research of evolution, and finding out the key to controlling the way mankind advances and evolves. The absolute control over all synthetic humans is held by something known as the Axis, which gives all the agents' orders. The Axis is later revealed to be the leader of the Towa Organization, a man codenamed Oxygen, who is helped by Kaleidoscope, a synthetic human bearing the title of Viceroy. Oxygen later chooses Kazuko Suema as his successor.


Although Shinpei Kuroda concluded that the Towa Organization was created by humans in order to, in his words, 'ensure the survival of humanity in the inevitable evolutionary war', it was later revealed that the giant system was, in fact, created by the Witch of Ice, Alcestis, in order to prevail in her neverending battle with the Witch of Fire, Walpurgis. However, Alcestis soon disappeared, and the Organization shifted its focus. The return of the witch would later send the executive staff of the Towa into political strife, with many angents joining the war between the two witches.

Related Organizations


Main article: MCE

MCE is a corporation led singlehandedly by Kyouichirou Teratsuki, which serves the function of an easy way for the Towa Organization to control the economy.


Ocarina (オカリナ, Okarina) is suborganization of the Towa Organization. Ocarina's main purpuse is reinvestigate cases that have already been resolved.


Main article: Diamonds (Organization)

Diamonds (ダイアモンズ, Daiamonzu) is the biggest of the organizations created to fight against the Towa Organization. Members of Diamonds fight the influence of the Towa all over the world. Many of Diamonds' members are actually former Towa agents that defected, one of them being Pearl.


Proponent (提案者, Teiansha) is a group established by Jin Asukai, created with the purpose of rescuing MPLS targeted by the Towa Organization around the world, and helping them lead regular lives. Contributors include Tohru Takashiro, Nagi Kirima, Tosuke Kigawa, Kazami Segawa and Akemi Kurenai. Its only major flaw is a lack of members.

Claim Club

Claim Club (クレイムクラブ, Kureimu Kurabu) is a group established by Heizou Rokumine, with the purpose of analysing and profiting from the actions of the Towa Organization. Its other members are Sadao Suma and Yasuko Aikawa, a synthetic human acting as a spy on orders from the Organization.

Akemi Kurenai Group

The Akemi Kurenai Group (九連内朱巳グループ, Kurenai Akemi Gurūpu) is a faction within the Towa Organization established by Akemi Kurenai, a formerly loyal Senior Executive and Axis Candidate who, after losing Chizuru Kurenai, a mother figure to Akemi, and befriending Nagi Kirima, became rebellious toward the Organization.

NP Cram School

The NP Cram School (NPスクール, NP Sukūru) is a cram school managed by the Towa Organization that houses students harboring MPLS abilities for the purpose of recruiting them into the Organization. A few of the students, such as Rio Midou, have already been accepted as official Towa agents.

Possestry Plan Orphanage

The Possestry Plan (ポゼストリー計画, Pozesutorī Keikaku) is a plan devised by Akemi Kurenai which involves creating an orphanage that houses children to raise for the Towa Organization's sake. In reality, the plan is just a ruse achieved by Akemi as an excuse for saving innocent orphans.


A list of known members in the Towa Organization.


Name Alias Notes
Alcestis Koyomi Myouga Witch of Ice
Towa Organization Founder
Oxygen Hiiragi Axis
Kaleidoscope - Viceroy
Synthetic Human
Kazuko Suema - New Axis
Moon River
Idioteque Kyousuke Hasebe
Kikyounoemon Kyousuke Hasebe
Towa Executive
"Special" Position

Research Team

Research Team
Name Alias Notes
Fay Risky - Towa Organization Scientist
Wonder Bearer
Kugito - Towa Organization Scientist

Senior Executives

Senior Executives
Name Alias Notes
Reset Setsuko Amamiya Senior Towa Executive
Super Build Synthetic Human
Moby Dick
Limit Mitsuko Amamiya Senior Towa Executive
Super Build Synthetic Human
Air Bag
Fortissimo Lee Maisaka The Strongest Towa Agent
The Slider
Rains On Friday Akemi Kurenai Senior Towa Executive
Axis Candidate
Vermillion Hurt
The Mincer - Senior Towa Executive
Axis Candidate
Maxim G Maxim Gorky Senior Towa Executive
Super Build Synthetic Human
Gentle Giant

Synthetic Humans

Synthetic Humans
Name Alias Notes
Pete Beat Minoru Sera Analysis Type Synthetic Human
Spooky E Marco D'Ambrosio Special Ability Type Synthetic Human
Spooky Electric
Camille Aya Orihata Synthetic Human
Tarkus - Battle Type Synthetic Human
Eugene Yuu Tenjiki Battle Type Synthetic Human
Kyouichirou Teratsuki - Synthetic Human
Scarecrow Shinpei Kuroda Infiltration Type Synthetic Human
Pigeon - Contact Type Synthetic Human
Mo Murder Masanori Sasaki Assassination Type Synthetic Human
Notorious I.C.E. Tosuke Kigawa I.C.E. Synthetic Human
The Peppermint Wizard
Squeeze Suguru Semigasawa Battle Type Synthetic Human
Captain Walker Kageyama Eradication Type Synthetic Human
Sidewinder - Synthetic Human
Pearl - Infiltration Type Synthetic Human
Diamonds Member
Mrs. Robinson Chizuru Kurenai Indirect Combat Type Synthetic Human
Tearjerker Yasuko Aikawa Battle Type Synthetic Human
Treason Reason
Swallow Bird Kazami Segawa Battle Response and Infiltration Type Synthetic Human
Mellow Yellow - Super Build Synthetic Human
Breath Away
Thelonious Monkey - Battle Type Synthetic Human
Monk's Mood
Melody Cool Yukino Utakami Battle Type Synthetic Human
Still Cool
Horny Toad Banki Yashima Medication Induced Synthetic Human
Leg Meal
Footprints Sayoko Narugi Synthetic Human
Quiet Night Yuma Kajiura Synthetic Human
Boomkat - Synthetic Human
Panthalassa - Synthetic Human
Panic-Cute - Synthetic Human
Marrowbone - Synthetic Human
Polymoog - Special Ability Type Synthetic Human
Dizzy Miss Lizzy - Special Ability Type Synthetic Human
Mortal Gym - Synthetic Human
Snake Eye Morita Special Ability Type Synthetic Human
Ventriloquist - Destruction Weapon Type Synthetic Human
Bullet Head Koi Koryou Super Build Synthetic Human
Bullet Head
Hornisse Mai Kuran Synthetic Human
Katyusha - Synthetic Human
Schuberth - Synthetic Human
Bracke - Synthetic Human
Panther - Battle Type Synthetic Human
Brummbär - Battle Type Synthetic Human


Name Alias Notes
Cold Medicine Akira Aoi Ocarina Member
Subordonate of Reset
Kyasha Mikagami - Ocarina Member
Mobile Movable
Toriko Shindou - Ocarina Member

Truss Atlas

Truss Atlas
Name Alias Notes
Truss South - Truss Atlas Member
Truss North - Truss Atlas Member
Truss West - Truss Atlas Member
Truss East - Truss Atlas Member
Truss Front - Truss Atlas Member
Truss Rear - Truss Atlas Member

Boomerang Team

Boomerang Team
Name Alias Notes
Boomerang - Boomerang Team Leader
Sepia Stain - Boomerang Team Member
Stones Cast
Down Rodeo - Boomerang Team Member
Fix Up - Boomerang Team Member
Heavy Heat


Name Alias Notes
Mulan Magnolia - Anti-Type Member
Lily Magnolia - Anti-Type Member
Larkspur Reiji Hien Anti-Type Member
Minimum Blue Dahlia Anti-Type Member


Name Alias Notes
Stag Beetle Kuwagata Counters Member
Ladybird Nami Nanahoshi Counters Member
Locust Toshirou Shibata Counters Member

NP Cram School

NP Cram School
Name Alias Notes
Kousuke Saiga - NP Cram School Student
Violenza Domestica
Half Empty Fang
Jinpachirou Hidaka - NP Cram School Student
Sultans of Swing
Kouyuu Nagareba Cardinal King NP Cram School Student
Leader of the Cardinal Army
Kaede Kazahora - NP Cram School Student
Wind Chime
Sakura Shimura - NP Cram School Student
Typical Collapse
Midori Sorimachi - NP Cram School Student
Straight No Chaser
Rio Midou - NP Cram School Student
Whiter Shade
Kozue Muroi - NP Cram School Student
Arrogance Arrow
Akiko Minoyama - NP Cram School Student
Minori Nijikami - NP Cram School Student
Muse to the Pharaoh
Fumi Mitani - NP Cram School Student


Name Alias Notes
Yuriko Suzumori - Possestry Plan Subject
Kunio Koryou - Towa Affiliate
Magic User
Utosera Mbyou - Synthetic Human Manufacturer
Paradigm Rust - Towa Affiliate


  • The name Towa is written with the characters for "ruling" and "Japan", making them the "rulers of Japan".
  • Most of the names of the agents are references to popular western musicians, songs or albums.



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